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Muszynianka Green Sparkling Water 6X1.5L

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Type: Spring Water
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Muszynianka Green Sparkling Water 6X1.5L

Ingredients :

Calcium 12, Sulphates 9, Magnesium 8, Sodium 12, Bicarbonates 74, Potassium 6, Silicic Acid 32, Chlorides 15, Nitrates 7.3, Evaporation Residue 180-degree 61mg/l, Total dissolved minerals: 176mg/l, PH:8.22

Must be kept in a clean, dry and cool place without direct exposure to sunlight.

Best Before End: See Bottle

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Nutrition facts :

Energy KJ : 0

Energy KCAL : 0

Total Fat : 0

Of Which Saturates : 0

Carbonhydrates : 0

Of Which Sugars : 0

Protein : 0

Salt : 0

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